Lepidoptera ISS

Karen Nyberg will be returning from the ISS in a couple of days. While on board she experimented with weightless crafting (video here). Now she’s inviting quilters to contribute blocks to be combined with hers (flyer here).

I know I’m a bit ahead of the game (the deadline is next August), but I got excited about the project, and finished it!

The flyer calls for a “star-themed block”. I guess it might be cheating a little, but I went with an image of the ISS. I’ve enjoyed watching it zoom by a few times, and I always describe it as looking like a very fast, very bright star.

I based my image on the patch for Karen Nyberg’s mission to the ISS. It came out looking a little moth-like (which is appropriate enough), so I call it Lepidoptera ISS.

It took me a while to figure out how to do the stars. I would have liked to mimic the style from the patch a little more closely, but I couldn’t get an effect I liked. So I used two different circles that my machine does automatically and added crosses in straight stitch.

The dimensions are 9.5″ x 9.5″, which is just a bit too large to fit into any of the envelopes I have. I was quite pleased with the solution I came up with for posting it.

I have a watercolour pad with nice thick sheets of about 9.75″ square, so I took two of those to make an envelope. I didn’t want to risk the fabric sticking to the tape though, so I added “cuffs” of standard-thickness paper. I was trying to figure out how to tape it all together without getting any glue on the block, when I realised that the cuffs don’t actually need to attach to anything.

So I sat the block on one watercolour sheet, popped the cuffs on the four sides and sat the other sheet on top.

Et voila.

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