Quick hit: hairband

K has a problem with dresses that tie in a bow at the back. Understandable when you think about how much time she spends sitting in a car-seat.

This particular dress was a gift, and it was only tonight that she explained why she never wants to wear it. As I was offering to cut off the dangly bits it occurred to me that, not only could I turn them into a matching hairband, I could add the rose that was about to fall off the front.

The dangly bits in question were very conveniently designed for my purposes. I was able to slide a broad elastic* inside with the aid of a ruler; like so:

The end of the elastic is folded over the end of the ruler, and then the fabric “tube” slides on over.

Then I just
a) secured one end of the elastic at the end of each tube,
b) brought the two “open” ends of the tubes together in the middle, neatened them up and sewed them down,
c) secured the two ends together,
d) added the rose.

I added the rose at the centre, rather than over the join, in case I want to adjust the length.

Et voila:

* I had to measure this against a hairband she already has. For some reason my husband doesn’t like me to excite the children while he’s doing bedtime.

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