Bacon chop stew

Those of you who know me will probably be surprised to see a recipe here. It’s true that I don’t often like to cook: a tendency that is compounded by picky children. Once in a while though, I am seized by a muse.

5 bacon chops (these look like pork chops, but I think the dish benefited from their saltiness)
1 tin of tomatoes
1 small tin of coconut milk (160ml)
1 big sweet potato
soy sauce

Heat the oven to 220C (428F)
Heat a griddle pan nice and hot
While it’s heating, pop some thin slices of sweet potato on (this has the advantage of letting you know how hot the pan is, while simultaneously frying them a little)
Get a nice big baking dish, big enough that the meat will be in a single layer
Spread the tinned tomatoes on the bottom
Pour on a good measure of soy sauce
Do the same with the honey
Add a single layer of lightly browned sweet potato
Brown the meat on both sides, and put it in a single layer on top
Add another layer of sweet potato
Pour on the coconut milk
Stick it all in the oven for about an hour

The top layer of sweet potato burned a little, but it was so crispy good.
I melted the coconut milk by leaving the tin in hot water for a bit before I opened it.
No photos because photographing food is hard, and because we were hungry and it was good.

Bon apetit!

* I did a Latin course not so long ago, and I was delighted when I realised that “ingredior” is a verb meaning “I go in”, hence “ingredients” — “things that go in”. You’re welcome.


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