I have not been posting much, but I have been getting some stuff done. I have a cat toy that will be winging its way to its rightful owner, a mere 3 years late, whenever I finally make it down to the post office. It was one of my Projects of Shame. The ones that sit in a box, glaring at you every time you try to clean up. I had hand stitched most of it about 3 years ago but kept not getting around to finishing it. What’s worse is, it took about half an hour total to get it done. *headslap*. It does feel pretty good to tick it off my todo list though.

It’s based on pattern from a book a friend gave me. Which I have forgotten the name of, but to which I will give credit. But not now, because it’s raining.

(Edit: it’s from Amy Butler’s “little stitches for little ones“)

K loves it, so hopefully its rightful owner will too.

I’ve also done the head of another cat. That project has been percolating at the back of my mind for a while. I love the idea of making toys from old clothes, so when C ripped one of his favourite shirts I yoinked it immediately. There’s something delightful about using existing features in a project. I’ve used two of the button holes from the front of the shirt to make eyes (one of the button holes was green, so the cat has coloured eyes \o/). The seams at the sides of the shirt had these funny inserts which made the perfect nose. The corners of the collar became the ears. On the whole I’m very happy with the head. I think I need to percolate a bit more before I start into the body though.

Of course, I got stuck into it, so I forgot to take process shots. These will have to do you 🙂

I’ve also been working on some dungarees for K, but I’ll post about those when they’re a bit further along.


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