Design course: prototype 1 — Child’s costume

One of the assigments for this week is to make three prototypes of potential solutions to our chosen “gap”. My gap is currently phrased as “I cannot hug Appa“.

I’ll be making prototypes for a children’s Appa costume, an Appa rocking horse and an Appa plushie (which was my original idea).

I threw together a costume prototype in my craft time this afternoon. It was a lot of fun, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I think I’ll probably need to retake the photos to adhere to the course guidelines though.

This costume is in two parts, which was a decision that came out of the process of making the prototype. Dolls are even harder to get clothes on than kids in some ways, because they’re not as bendy. They don’t whinge about it as much mind you.

Appa’s middle legs are just empty sleeves here; they would be stuffed in the full-scale costume. The trousers are also holding themselves up here, whereas on a child they would need braces or something. The horns are just scraps with a little bit of wire in them. I’m not sure exactly how I would horns at full scale.

The shape of the hood obviously needs work too, but as I said, I threw it together 🙂 Overall, I’m very happy, and much more confident now that I could do a decent Appa costume for a child.


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