Old projects: play kitchen

A few things are conspiring to keep me out of my woman-cave. The result is that I’m not getting much made. In the interest of keeping the blog momentum up I’ll try to make some posts about long-complete projects.

A couple of years ago I developed serious play-kitchen-envy when visiting a friend. She had made it herself from a TV stand, and it was wonderful. I had to make one myself! It became an urgent need. I was very lucky to find this old phone table* in a car boot sale:

(you can’t see here the two drawers that were originally in that space on the right)

C played along, and quickly became very enthusiastic, so this was a joint project. K decided that the kitchen should be blue, so we bought ourselves a lovely bright blue gloss:

And black for inside the oven:

(Leaving the kitchen drying in our living room like this turned out to be a mistake. We left a vent-window open, and someone used that to make their way in and steal our laptops 😦 )

The sink here is totally cogged from the one that started the madness. Isn’t the coat hook a perfect faucet? The sink bowl is a painted cake tin. We were a bit shy of cutting into the original seat so we cut a piece of ply wood for the purpose.

We used the fronts of the drawers to make doors for the oven, and I found a plastic mirror in the local euro-shop. The rings are drawn on with permanent marker, and the knobs are just small door knobs from a hardware shop.

This is the best view of the grill that C meticulously cut out with his jigsaw.

And a couple more beauty shots:

This was such a fun project, and it was surprisingly easy to get very impressive results. I think we calculated that it cost us about €40, including some paint we can use for future projects.

The catches we bought for the doors of the oven are a bit too stiff for the kids to open. In fact, I should really get around to just taking them off. Otherwise, it’s been a massive hit, and gets played with pretty much every day.

* For those of you under about 16, phone tables used to be a very common piece of furniture in Irish homes. They would sit just inside the hall door, and the house phone would sit on top. In my house it was always covered in post that had been opened but not probably dealt with, phone books (I guess you don’t remember those either), and all sorts of other detritous.

Edited to add: Looks like my typo in the original post title has been immortalized in the URL. Ah well.


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