Coursera — Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society

I had planned to do the Stanford Compilers course via Coursera, but when I went to sign up I found this one:
How could I resist? I’m going to do the compilers one in my own time. Some day. Honest.
I’m very excited by the emergence of free online educational material. I really hope that it will help my kids have a better attitude to learning than I did. I’m looking forward to the point where they’re ready for the Khan Academy.
For my course project I’ve decided to design a plush Appa, which is something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. I want to create something pretty flat, so it will have lumps representing horns, rather than sticky-out horns. Here’s the sketch I did for one of the first week’s assignments:

We also had to do a “prototype”. I’m *absolutely terrible* at prototyping the things I make, so I did not want to do this. I had also almost run out of extra time (the deadline had been extended. Thank you technical issues!), so I threw this together:

I’ll try to keep you posted as Appa emerges from my brain, hopefully in a more orderly fashion than my usual work 🙂

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